Experiential Marketing Experience

Experiential Marketing Experiences Marketing is one of the major contributor towards innovation. Always there is a need to wow audience with something that has never been seen by a consumer base and with collective knowledge of multiple disciplines we are at an advantage to provide such Experiential Marketing Experiences that will leave people with lasting impression.

A great thing about this domain is adoption of upcoming techs like VR, AR, Image Processing, AI to develop experience that are unique and encompass the idea that brand it trying to convey also they bring in great ROI numbers for the marketing teams to further utilize.

We have successfully developed such experience right from educating kids of what kind of food are good or bad to help then understand what goes into building a spaceship using Kinect.. Also we have developed VR experiences that have left users with big smiles while they left. We build interactive game during a private launch of a animation series that dreave large audience.

For some of the automotive brands we have developed 360 video based interactive VR applications that gave automated and immersive experience to consumers over multiple exhibition events.

Our experience are not just technical but we are involved with agencies during the design phase as well to provide what valuable feedback we can provide to the idea based on experience we have had so far. Since we know different technologies that can be used to achieve a resultant experience, we provide cost-effective and best suited engagement solutions for the brand giving us the edge of not just being a vendor but a more involved entity that shares the same passion as that of the Agency to make sure relevant ROIs are generated from the experience.