Game Development

Augmented Reality, if we just break down the words it would say, Augment the Reality. This popular technology allows us to alter the current reality of a user and enhances it with some more visual and informative data. Although AR has been around for awhile it has been in these last few years that it has gained a mass market appeal as our mobile phones come with high processing power and cameras packed with more megapixels in them.

AR has wider application as compared to VR purely as it is possible to let user have an AR experience on almost any mobile phone. This factor alone gives it a mass appeal for parties to build content for it. There are multiple domains that have applications for AR; Education, Training, Marketing, Games are a few that are embracing this technology at faster rate.

Currently using technologies like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia & OpenCV it is possible to bring any form of AR experience to either mobile, browser or desktop. And these are evolving services that will get better with time providing more and more natural ways to engage user and immerse them in unforgettable & imaginative reality.