Interactive Training

Interactive Training (Serious Games/ Gamification) Games have always had the potential to keep a user engaged and leveraging on that idea we design & develop serious games for corporates that allow them a game based learning experience.

At core we build a game but its design is based on the training material that otherwise normally be used to provide a simpler way to consume it. We take a through route by first talking to educators to understand the key aspects of learning that want to enforce based on that we provide an draft of the game which is further refined when we discuss it with a domain expert. Eventually with a timeline and with frequent feedbacks we build a Serious Game that would be more engaging than traditional training modules.

We have worked with Medical companies to build self-explanatory VR experience that help patients follow instructions and learn some aspects of physical activities for their recovery that they can do at comforts of home.

Build into these Serious Games are analytics that will allow the educators to get understanding of how material is being consumed. Allowing them to tweak things to at later stage if required. Also are included modules of generating reports of user engagement and usage of the overall app.

These Gamification applications can be built on various platforms like Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android using many technologies that best suit the design on knowledge that we need to impart.