Build Your Satellite


Perl Quest & Tridoxic, Dubai


10 Days


Unity & Kinect


Brief was to create an interactive experience that will help kids learn more about what types of Satellite we have and what components go into building them. We came up with a design that would be a multi-display application that would allow kids to assemble a satellite of their own using different parts and eventually launching it to orbit along with others that were created by other kids.

Application was also to support English & Arabic language so that it can be equally appealing to local audience as well as global. In final implementation user would first select the type of satellite that they want to build, once that is done they will be taken to the assembly area where along with information about each part they would assemble their satellite and launch.

Special attention was given to make the experience educational and not to difficult to engage with. Since the attention time can be quite low for the entire experience UX was build in such a way to make sure entire engagement can end in less than a minute while educating as much as possible.

This was built using Unity for multi-screen touch display.