Virtual Reality

VR enables us to embark on a journey to any place at anytime from anywhere. It emmerses a user in to a complete virtual environment and lets them engage with it in various forms. This can be either a Mobile VR based on Google Cardboard, Daydream or it can be VR device experience based on HTC Vive or Oculus.

We have experience developing content for all these platforms. The kind of experience that we can develop on these platforms can be of many types,

Interactive Experience

This is pure interactive showcase of product or a idea that allows the user to see those in real-scale right in front of them. A simple example of this is Real Estate. Normally sample flats are build after a portion of the building is done but using VR we can develop content using existing drawing made by Architects that give accurate visualization of ideas before they are build. Providing the ability to give detailed information to potential client. There are many more use cases that take advantage of VR.

360 Interactive Videos

Sometimes there is a need to show the VR content that is already existing, we provide services to create these videos and its companion app that can allow Marketing gurus to engage users with their products in a more intimate and interactive way that would otherwise would not be possible. A simple example of would to let user experience massive construction equipment which otherwise would not be possible to arrange, having developed a VR experience around it can make it possible.

Gaming Experiences

Sometimes we just want to get people the experience that will stay in their minds for a lot of time and also be a crowd puller at events. Developing VR games around a brand idea can be a winner in this case & we have observed that in some of the experience that we have developed so far. These would be full fledged game where user could be a Jedi or a Mage or a Warrior that would fight his way around and have fun at the same time.

These VR experiences leave a lasting impression on people as most times they experience things that are not possible in their daily routine.

We are experts in developing content for these either computer-generate or 360 videos to immerse users in to world that would be near impossible for them to experience or engage with.